About Juan S Nunez III
Hello and Welcome to Senor Wigs Makeup and Hair.  I am Juan Nunez and I’d like to share a little about me and my background....

I have been a professional in the Beauty Industry since 1997.  As the industry continues to grow, I continue to cultivate my skill set.  I strive to be the best I can while taking care of my clients.  

I started my career not knowing that my love for makeup and hair could be a career, I fell into it quite by accident.  While helping friends and family with their hair and makeup, a friend of mine offered me a job to do just that.  As I began to realize what I had to offer, I jumped in with both feet and the rest was history!

I am a licensed Cosmetologist and Cosmetology Instructor in Texas.  However, my education goes beyond the classroom. I’ve gained valuable knowledge and experience working alongside colleagues and great masters in their field.  I met one of my mentors Judy Disbrow of Theatrical Hair Goods, in San Francisco, where I learned styling and wig building.  Working with Tim Santry, another mentor of mine, helped improve my makeup skills in the theatrical setting.  I was fortunate to hone my craft while working with the following theatre companies: San Francisco Opera and Ballet, Old Globe Theater, and Steve Silver's Beach Blanket Babylon, where I served as the Wigmaster for over 3 years.

My career has taken me along many paths, helping me to build on my skills and abilities, and leading me to work in a variety of areas in the beauty industry.  

I have worked with the talent and contestants backstage on the Live Broadcast of Miss USA.  

Working with different photographers throughout the country has given me the opportunity to do print work where I’ve styled models for portfolios, catalog and advertising in campaigns.  I’ve also enjoyed helping designers create and make their vision come to life on the runway or in their ad campaigns.  And I’ve worked with actors and talent on film sets for short films, music videos, and feature length films as well. 

One of my favorite parts of this work is styling for weddings. Working with a bride and her family and friends to make the day special takes particular care, preparation and communication.  I love helping the bride look her absolute best, whether she prefers a classic style or a specific look to compliment the theme of the day. 

Another love and passion of mine is creating and building wigs and hairpieces.  

I have built and styled wigs for my mother and others going through chemotherapy treatments, performers and actors for the stage and numerous female impersonators including Alina Malletti Galore, Whitney Paige, Chevelle "boom boom" Brooks, ShaeShae LaReese, Alyssa Edward, to name a few....  

When I am not styling a bride to be or building a wig, I enjoy spending time with my tiny terrier Bostan and cooking traditional New Mexican red chile for friends.